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Drip Report

  • Some Are Just Different

    There are a select few, the chosen ones, who’ve found their drip. It doesn’t matter what they got on, they have a different level of confidence, and they carry that confidence into every aspect of their lives.
  • A Brief History Of Accessories In The NBA

    There was a time accessories were worn for medical purposes, but as the game evolved, and drip became a necessity, they've grown into a thing of fashion. There is no denying that accessories add a certain level of drip, and wether it's for medical reasons or superstitions, we need to pay our respects to the ones who paved the way. 
  • The NBA and Drip: A Love Hate Relationship

    The NBA has always had a wide range of players who had drip, and who stood out among their peers in the fashion world. But that didn't stop the league from enforcing a dress code, and even though it's still in effect today the league has lost interest in handing out fines to players.
  • You got Drip?

    Drip is most commonly used as a metaphor for describing someone who has a lot of swagger, and who is dripping with confidence, high fashion, money, etc. Drip isn't just something that is cool, and that athletes aspire to attain, for them it's necessary, it’s a way of life, a part of their game.